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     Since 1975, it has taken a small village to keep Roseanna’s up and running. Of course, we credit our loyal customers to our success, but there is a team behind the scenes that keeps the business alive.

Roseanna’s has been family-run and operated since Frank and Rose Ann opened its doors. Their children helped them see their dream become a reality, and they continue to let their parents’ legacy live on in their daily work.

     After the passing of Louise in 2008, it left five who make Roseanna’s their livelihood. While they have great moral support from their siblings who have moved away, it is these five who work night and day to turn simple ingredients into the meals on your table.

     Throughout 2017, we will be highlighting each of them showing what role they play in opening the door Tuesday through Sunday. Be on the lookout for The People Behind Your Plate highlights to learn more about Roseanna’s Italian food!

It's In The Dough

August 04, 2017

Before the crack of dawn, Vincent makes his way to Roseanna’s. At 5 o’clock, even earlier on Saturdays, he walks through the door and gets to work. His tasks vary from day to day, but today they include making the seasoned salt for the steaks and chicken, checking in the wholesale food delivery, making ravioli and gnocchi, cooking the steak and pepper and other prep work which he feels is essential to ensuring efficiency and quality.

The People Are The Best Part

July 07, 2017

In the 6th grade after school, like many of her siblings, Liz headed down to Roseanna’s to wash dishes and occasionally sweep the floor. Her dad put milk crates in front of the three-stall sink so the smaller ones could reach. A position she didn’t graduate from until the new restaurant opened.

Not Just Spaghetti Sauce

June 09, 2017

When the small town of Krebs sleeps, Peter begins his work day. While 1:30 in the morning may seem too early for most, it has been his schedule for many years. His early morning hours consist of Peter making sauce, cooking sausage, getting the steam tables ready, and various other prep work.

Inspiration: From Grocery Store Shelves to Memories From The Past

May 05, 2017

To start her day, Clare slices and plates cheesecakes. On this day it was White Chocolate Chip, Blackberry, Cookies and Cream and Carrot Cake Cheesecake. Clare’s cheesecakes have become a huge hit with Roseanna’s customers, with some who come in just for their favorite flavor on certain days. She can’t recall the exact year she started offering her delicious desserts to customers, but she remembers what started this cheesecake craze.

Keeping the Legacy Alive

April 07, 2017

Every day after school, Michael headed to Roseanna’s to work alongside his parents, brothers, David and Peter, and sisters, Louise, Felicia and Clare.  While only 14 years old, he rolled meatballs, washed pots and pans, cooked and the list goes on.

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Part Two






     Just as Rose Ann and Frank passed on their passion of operating a restaurant to their children; those children are doing the same. The People Behind Your Plate Part Two will highlight a handful of Rose Ann and Frank’s grandchildren who work at Roseanna’s.  You will learn about the parts they play in keeping the doors open as well as what it means to them to carry on their grandparents’ legacy!

All in the Family

December 29, 2017

At 16 years old, I pulled on my black collared shirt, slipped into my khaki pants, pulled my hair back, and put on my apron. I was ready to start my first day of waiting tables at Roseanna’s.

Great Food and Clean Plates

November 30, 2017

Working with family and being around great food are common interests for brothers, Cosmas and Damian, and their cousin Colby. They enjoy the familiarity of working with parents, aunts and uncles along with the fun they have while being at work.


October 13, 2017

Friday mornings at Roseanna’s means it’s time to roll the meatballs. Rolling and baking at least 120 pounds of meatballs each week takes a brotherly effort. Brothers Chad, Asa and Ian, sons of Clare, often use teamwork to turn ground beef and seasonings into the meatballs on customers’ plates. 

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